The TFW L2 Online Certification Pre-Registration

Thank You for your interest in the Training For Warriors Level 2 Online Certification. So far over 3500 personal trainers, coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have become TFW L1 Warrior Certified ā„¢ and we are excited to now be able to offer the TFW Level 2 Certification online! Registration is now closed for our Spring 2015 Level 2 Online Course. The course will run once more in 2015 later in the year, the dates are still to be scheduled.Ā Registration details for this course will be announced soon.

Each TFW online certification has a limited number of registration places for students (250), all of which are expected to sell out very quickly considering we have had over 1000 students go through the Level 1 Online Course alone. Sign upĀ for the Level 2 pre-registration list and you will be sent an advanced registration link to secure your spot on the course before more than a 3500 other L1 coaches areĀ notified.

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